Paris Fashion Week: Elie Saab Spring/ Summer 2012

If you haven’t seen Elie Saab’s Spring/ Summer 2012 collection you can hardly imagine what celebrities will be wearing next season on the red carpet. But we can!

After seeing so many Spring/ Summer 2012 collections I tend to think that men-designers know better how to dress a woman so that she looked perfect. I am in no way trying to say that women-designers can’t create great pieces. They can. But there is something about collections made by men that mesmerizes. For example, Elie Saab’s Spring/ Summer 2012 range is simply ideal. 46 ideal looks – feminine, sexy, exquisite…

The color palette in Elie Saab’s Spring/ Summer 2012 collection is screaming beautiful. And while he started from pearly pales he soon segues into more vibrant shades: emerald green, electric blue, and bright gold.

In his Spring/ Summer 2012 collection Elie Saab focused on adornment. He played with sequins and got the dresses which no one could draw the look away.

Besides sequins, Elie Saab paid attention to the silhouettes of his dresses – floaty, airy, with amazing necklines and asymmetrical slits those looked fabulous.