Trends this Season: Fall/ Winter 2011/ 2012

Trends this Season: Fall/ Winter 2011/ 2012 

Color Trend #1: Soft colors. It is essential to remember that in autumn and winter colors shouldn’t be as bright as they are in spring and summer. But it in no way meanfashion s you have to go black, grey and brown. You can choose any color you like but make sure it is more subdued rather than flashy. Or you can opt for soft hues including lavender, cantaloupe, spindrift, or honeydew.Garments in soft colors are stylish and elegant. They look sexy without being too aggressive.


Color Trend #2: Mood-improving bright details. If you think soft hues are dull there is another great color trend for you to choose – bright details. Add bright accessories to you look, like scarves, bags or hats, find a great-looking pair of boots, or go for one vibrant item that will become the focus of your attire. Be smart to keep the balance. Too many vivid colors in one look in summer is playful and interesting, but in winter it looks vulgar.

Orange color trend is timely as well but be careful with it. Stay away from total orange look unless it is the only thing which can make you feel good. Orange is cool when you know how to make it look cool.

Magenta is very beautiful but as with orange there is quiet a fine line between looking fantastic and tasteless wearing it. Be wise.

Color Trend #3: Burgundy. If you want color but believe orange, lemon and magenta are too much for you try burgundy. It looks good on almost anyone and adds glamour to the appearance. This color is luxurious and there is hardly a way to spoil your look with it. 

Grape can be an alternative for burgundy. Burberry grape looks the best.

Color Trend #4: Shiny colors. For special event you might want something shining. Go for it! Special events need special dressing. But keep a few rules of wearing sparkling clothing in mind to stay in style.

Color Trend #5: Midnight blue. Midnight blue is always safe no matter where you go: office, party, shopping, etc. Play with it, experiment and surprise your friends!

Color Trend #6: Neutral colors. These colors are always fashionable and designers seem to never get tired of creating pieces in neutral hues. It’s simple: neutrals can stay with you forever, they are versatile and can be easily combined with other pieces, both neutral or bright.Black is the best neutral. It’s slimming, elegant and chic. No one can make a mistake by wearing black. LBD is the great example of this color’s versatility. White plays a spectacular contrast with black as with plenty of other hues. And it looks so sweet without any other colors.If white looks wonderful but is very unpractical in terms of wearing stone lacks the latter and celebrates the first. Accessorize your stone garments and look best in those.

 Color Trend #7: Prints. In Fall/ Winter 2011/ 2012 season prints play a significant role. They dilute the monotone scheme and leave a great field for experiment. The safest option is to combine printed items with monotone ones. However, if you are confident about your styling skills you might want to try to coordinate various patterns in one look. Betsey Leopard and python prints have been trendy for many seasons in succession. And we are actually a bit too tired of these but designers believe they can stay with us for at least one more fashion period.


Plaid is classic which you can update with modern colors.